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Mr. Kamal Jain

About 25 years ago, most Nepali households used water tanks made of Iron that would gradually start rusting over time, which in turn would contaminate the water and also erode the base of the tank. Hilltake then came in, and changed the entire idea of water storage tanks, by introducing Nepal to plastic water tanks. Today, the iron tanks have been fully replaced with the plastic tanks, and since then Hilltake has constantly been upgrading its quality and manufacturing processes in order to assure maximum utility and value-for-money for Nepalese people.

Mr. Kamal Jain, Chairman, Hilltake Group: “We were a little skeptic on whether people would use plastic water thanks or not but as we had seen such tanks taking good market in India and other countries, we were convinced that people would use plastic water tanks in Nepal too and that it was our duty, and that people deserved a better solution to hygienically store their water.”

As plastic tanks are lighter, easily portable, and sturdy, people discarded using the bulky iron tanks and the houses in urban and rural areas of Nepal started to shine with black Hilltake water tanks on their rooftops. Today, our tanks are spread over all 75 Districts. Recently we introduced Blow molding water tanks which allowed for the water tanks to be easily transported to mountains and tough areas too, granting millions of villagers to have the privilege of hygienic water storage.

Mr. Jain added “Today, Hilltake has continued to innovate in water related products, and actively expanded into different horizons too, but the one thing that has remained constant in all its operations is its ultimate dedication to Quality.”

Hilltake Chairman

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