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HDPE Blow Molded Water Tanks

Product Details

Liters Height Diameter Manhole Diameter
500 39.9″ 33.9″ 16.4″
750 37.0″ 41.9″ 16.4″
1000 50.0″ 41.9″ 16.4″
1500 46.7″ 52.7″ 16.4″
2000 60.4″ 52.7″ 16.4″
2500 74.2″ 52.7″ 16.4″

Note: Technical Specification

Hilltake stands tall as the most trusted and reputed water tank brand in Nepal. It is now introducing Hilltake blow molded HDPE triple and double layer water tanks. Hilltake has continued to set standards for excellence and innovation in the plastic industry with many steps on the journey to excellence. Hilltake believes in meaningful innovations, which has given birth to Hilltake HDPE water storage tanks. Hilltake HDPE water tank is manufactured with advance technique of co-extrusive blow molding machine which is incorporated with spiral combination system with flow differentiation design to achieve the even wall thickness throughout the tank. This gives it the overall strength to the structure of tank.

Monocoque body

It’s light weight, well-balanced body supports stability. At Hilltake, we play safe ensuring the highest standards with advanced solid monocoque structure, making sure that there is no compromise when it comes to your sweet home.

Airtight Threaded Lid

  • Airtight screwable lid
  • Keeps water fresh
  • Keeps dirt and flies out
  • Does not blow in windy days.

Bolder ribs

HDPE Water Tanks score big when it comes to looks. A bolder front ribs, muscular styling, a strong lower body that looks apart, striking new threaded lid makes it a masterpiece.

Plumber friendly

Multi outlet option along with inlet and overflow configurations help plumbers in easy connection.

More Strong

Advanced solid Monocoque structure with bolder ribs support stability and reduce bulging when the tank is full.


Food Grade HDPE material ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the water tank.

Keeps water fresh

Supreme airtight threaded lid ensures that the content of tank is free from dust and flies.

Uniform Wall

The latest evolution of blow mold technology goes a step ahead of its predecessors. It re-examines the frame structure with consistent wall thickness and thereby allows even more effective balanced weight of whole tank.

Durable & Unbreakable:

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