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Roto Molded Water Tanks

Product Details

Liters Diameter Height Manhole Diameter
100 18″ 28″ 12″
200 28″ 24″ 12″
300 28.5″ 35″ 12″
500 36″ 37″ 15″
750 39″ 43″ 15″
1000 43″ 49.5″ 15″
1500 50″ 52.5″ 15″
2000 51″ 64.5″ 15″
3000 63″ 65.5″ 15″
4000 63″ 85.5″ 15″
5000 70″ 88″ 15″
7500 70″ 122.5″ 18.5″
10000 80″ 126.5″ 18.5″

The Hilltake Roto Tanks are manufactured under state-of-the-art technology and designed to give you the most convenient and hygienic solution to the problem of drinking water storage. Roto tanks are the ever so friendly tanks you see every day everywhere in your daily life, rather it be the roof your house or your workplace. Roto tanks are the major product of our company that has made way to almost every Nepali’s homes and hearts.

Advantages of Hilltake water tanks

The first water tank storage system to obtain NS Certification.

Life Long warranty

Strong & Durable: Hilltake is the market leader in water storage systems and provides strong & sturdy water tanks with a life long warranty on our water tanks. Since they are expertly molded, they are free from structural changes.

Leak proof, corrosion & Maintenance free

Hygienic & Odorless: Manufactured from imported Food Grade raw material the water tanks are ideal for water storage. These tanks are treated with a special process so that they are odorless thus not effecting the contents.

Light weight & Easy to install: The water tanks are light weight and easy to install. These are manufactured in the appropriate weights to suit pressure ratings for individual capacities thus reducing dead weight load on the structures.

Portable: The light weight & high strength makes it suitable & convenient to transport from site to another.

Versatile: Suitable for grains storage, milk and other materials.

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