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Hilltake is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Group of Companies which was established in 1992 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kamal Jain. Since then it has grown into a conglomerate of many companies. The Hilltake Group has been the pioneer in the field of Household Technologies for many consecutive years. Hilltake has been a trendsetter and has always bought tomorrow’s technology, today. Our vision at Hilltake is to reach every individual, and our go-to-market strategy initiatives ensure a unique experience, a feeling that is truly unimaginable.

With such reasons, we offer plus the advantage as a big firm – from sophisticated technology to leading-edge research and the resources to invest in growth. We have a come a long way but at heart, we still have the same spirit as the company we used to be since 1992 – entrepreneurial, ambitious and the doer.

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