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Hilltake is the acknowledged leader of Nepal’s plastic Industry, especially in the water storage and handling products such as water tank and pipes. In 1992, Hilltake took its first vision to change the way Nepal stores water, which was in Iron or cement tanks, we transformed this entire market to plastic tanks, being the first in Nepal. Hilltake has pioneered in developing and launching new innovative products, which impact people’s daily lives and well-being. Well, we did it again! We have identified that Nepal has very poor sewage and drainage infrastructure, all due to its use of conventional pipe materials such as RCC or stoneware. These are forms of Rigid Pipes, which are unsuitable, due to their lack of flexibility, which leads to lower load bearing capacity and thus leakages and lower product life. The benefits of this Double wall corrugated pipes, over RCC & stoneware have been demonstrated multiple times, such as in the 1995 earthquake of Kobe, Japan, as well as in several simulations by esteemed universities and research institutes. It is certainly the future of drainage and sewerage.


Corr-Fit Pipes are Double wall corrugated pipes, made with special HDPE Material used for conveying and facilitating smooth flow of sewerage. The pipes are resistant to various types of gases & chemicals. They are manufactured as per international standards for this application, and have a smooth internal surface, and corrugated external surface. The external corrugated surface helps the pipe with greater stiffness and much higher load bearing capacity (static & dynamic) than any other alternatives for this use.


Currently, pipes that are being used for underground non-pressurized sewerage & drainage applications are made of Concrete/RCC & Stoneware. These are highly rigid pipes. The first distinction we need to realize is rigid pipes are not a good use for underground pipes, as they experience severe stress exerted continuously by earth load. This results in development of cracks and in turn leakages, and in extreme cases such as tremors/earthquakes, they often tend to collapse as well. Traditional pipes are normally available in 2.5 meter length, leading to more number of joints. Besides this, the joining procedure is also cumbersome and time-taking. In comparison to these pipes, Hilltake Corr-Fit are the ideal solution which addresses the main concerns of the underground drainage pipes in Nepal.


Nominal Diameter/Inner Diameter: 100 mm to 1000 mm

Stiffness Rating: SN-4  &  SN-8

Standard Length: 6 meters
( smaller on request)




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