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    We're currently spread over 75 districts of Nepal.
Hilltake Resort & Homes

Situated at the backdrop of World's tallest Lord Shiva's statue(143 feet), we provide you with the perfect combination of health, home, nature and spirituality, catering for the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. We also provide service apartments at the heart of Kathmandu. We have also been involved in real estate projects.

Hilltake Industries

Founded in 1992, Hilltake is the leading manufacturer of NS-Certified Water Tanks, occupying the largest market share with the best brand value and quality as we always promise with complete water solutions from PPR/CPVC pipes to our new range of tanks bringing tomorrow's technology to today.

Hilltake Electrical & Refrigeration

Through years of intensive technical and marketing experience, Hilltake Electrical and Refrigeration has brought you a huge selection of electrical equipment from gas geysers to water heaters and many more to choose from, rather it be for your house or office, we provide it with quality.

Our Customers

We cater to a wide range of sectors

Private commercial offices

We fulfill every needs commercial offices require, from heating to water purifiers and storage, all of them done flawlessly.

Private residences

Household works require use of extreme hot or corrosive liquids, our products can handle all these with ease.

Commercial buildings

Our products have high fire resistance and low smoke emission making it perfect for commercial buildings.


Our products are efficient and unerring so that our products may not compromise your operations in any way.


Hospitals require properly heated rooms, water purifiers and compost bins etc. all guaranteed with 100% sanitary check.

Foreign Embassies

Foreign embassies require multiple services from event venues to offices, we provide our products fulfilling their every requirements.

Pharmaceutical companies

Our product are designed to handle any kind of chemicals used in pharmaceutical companies making them ideal for use.

Government projects

Our product’s reliability are what make us perfect for use in government projects which require genuine and trustworthy materials.

And So on

With our company doing it’s best every step, we gain trust and reliability among our customers making ourselves grow ever so.

Recent News

“Nepal’s Best Brand” Award

Hilltake has been awarded with the prestigious “Nepal’s Best Brand Leadership Award, 2018″, co-organized by CMO Asia, World Brand Congress and World Federation of Marketing. The event was held on 17th of December, Monday morning, at Crowne Plaza Soaltee Hotel. The award was received by Mr. Pulkit Jain, Managing Director, of Hilltake Group of Companies. […]

“Majority Market Share” – Naya Patrika News

ट्यांकीको अगुवा जसले ओगटेको छ आधा बजार हामी स्थापनादेखि नै पानीसँग जोडिएका वस्तुहरू उत्पादनमा सक्रिय छौँ । अब हाम्रो उद्देश्य सडकको नाली र ढलमा सिमेन्टका ‘ह्युमपाइप’ विस्थापन गर्ने हो । विश्वभर प्लास्टिक ट्यांकी प्रचलनमा आइसकेको थियो । तर, नेपालमा भने फलामको जिआई ट्यांकी नै प्रयोग भइरहेको थियो । सहरतिर हरेक घरको छतमा जिआई ट्यांकी राखेको […]

Corporate Icon Interview with our Chairman

ABC News invites our chairman, Mr. Kamal Jain, to talk about his life, business and his social projects.

Hilltake on every news

With the inauguration of the tallest statue of Shiva in the world, it attracted the attention of many, be it pilgrims, tourists or the news. As the statue held high at the skies of Sanga,

About Us

Hilltake is an ISO 9001:2008 certified group of company established in 1992 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kamal Jain. It has grown since then into a conglomerate of many companies including, electrical and....Read More

Why Us

Try Hilltake. Started since 1992, Hilltake brand is synonymous with quality and thus is the company's philosophy to never compromise on quality.

Hilltake since it's establishment with water tanks, has been growing flawlessly branching to multiple sectors providing you with multiple selections for rather it be your home or office or factory.

We believe in the motto 'Quality First'. We make sure that our customers are happy with our products and it's quality before anything else.

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