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Hilltake, in Joint technical collaboration with Sperry Plast LTD, India has rolled out Hilltake Sperry CPVC pipes in Nepal. We have technologically advance manufacturing plants of CPVC, a dedicated work force of engineers, technicians & operators working round the clock supported by a in house laboratory.

Our complete piping solution covers all range of pipes, fittings, valves, & imported adhesive for excellent firm joints. It’s the cutting edge technology for plumbing and most advanced system for hot & cold water distribution, safe for drinking & free from the traditional problems which arise in other conventional pipes like scaling, corrosion chemical resistance & bad weather.

Advantages of CPVC

  • High Quality, cost effective & easy installation
  • Maintenance free life for over 50 years
  • Free from Scaling, corrosion & rusting
  • High flame resistance & low smoke emission
  • Low bacterial Growth
  • Drinking water safe
  • Ideal for Hot & Cold water Distribution Systems as Hilltake CPVC pipes can withstand high temperature & pressure.
  • High resistance from everyday household chemicals
  • Hilltake CPVC pipes light weight thus save energy at the time of transportation and installation


  1. Hot and Cold potable water distribution in buildings of all types – residential (low rise & high rise), commercial complexes & institutes
  2. Can be used in fire suppression systems (sprinklers etc.) due to its fire resistance qualities.
  3. Corrosive Fluid handling in industries.

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