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Hilltake PPRC pipes are made in the state of the art facility in Balaju using the best quality virgin raw materials from Hyosung Korea. Hilltake has produced 2 quality PPR pipes, fittings. 1, Hilltake gold medal the premium brand of PPR fittings with better quality catering to high rises and complexes and quality conscious consumers. 2, Hilltake brand of PPR fittings catering to market quality pipes & fittings.

Advantages of PPR

PP-R pipes made from polypropylene random co-polymer are applied in hot & cold water supply in new & old buildings. The main advantages are listed below:

  • Light weight: the density of the pipes is only .89-.91 g/cm3, which is only 1/9th of GI pipes.
  • Good heat resistance: it can be used for over 5 years under temperature of 70*C and for short periods upto 95*C. The softening point is 131.3*C
  • Long service life of over 50 years
  • Good corrosion resistance: Hilltake PPR pipes are resistance to corrosion from most chemical mediators, bacteria free
  • Hot welding fusion: The pipes & fittings are made of the same material and joined together by electro-fusion. The pulling, bending & impact strength on the joints are more than the pipe itself.
  • Non poisonous & harmless
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Smooth inner surface for best water supply

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